Monday, January 4, 2010

Over the Holidays

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray that you all had a great holiday season and that you are ready to begin a new year filled with endless possibilities and great things to come! I have personally set a few goals for myself, but I never set too many because then I get overwhelmed and don't follow through with any of them:-( So this year I am starting with the potty training that I should have done about 5 months ago. My girls are now 27 months old, but they have been ready for quite some time. I on the other hand have been dreading the process and keep putting it off, but this is the year of no excuses for me, so we are in potty training boot camp as we speak! My health resolution is to continue with my healthier eating habits and to continue my exercise routine consistently. I always strive for a closer relationship with God, but this year, for my spiritual resolution I want to really grow and listen for my purpose in life and for what he would have me to do with it. My career resolution is to work hard and believe that my career in Event Decorating will prosper and come to life this year. My goals are all achievable and I know that with work and faith they will all become a way of life sooner than later. So now that I have bored you with my resolutions, I will show you a few things I have worked on around the house over the holidays.

I have been in, "completely change my house around" mode for while now, so every time I find something new to do with a room, I get all giddy and overly excited about it.....the little things in life make me happy:-) The first room I did was my bedroom. It is ABSOLUTELY freezing in there, so I had been wanting some longer drapes to help with the draft that comes in through our windows, as well as to add some privacy. I found some great panels at my favorite thrift store for get this....$12.95 for all four panels!!! I told you that it doesn't take much to make me happy, so I put them up and just draped the old ones back over top for now until I get new rods. I just love them! It makes me want to put a chandelier up now and create a whole romantic room theme or something.

Here are the before curtains. I liked them, but like I said not much privacy and it was cold! There are two windows, but I didn't get the before of the other one.

Then here is the after with my thrift store finds!
The other window.

Now I just need to get the proper rods and I'm all set! After putting up these curtains, I was inspired to add some crystal candle holders that were wedding gifts about 4 years ago, along with a beautiful vase (also a wedding gift) with a Stacey's Creations floral arrangement, and some votive candles. I already owned all these things, so this makeover cost me $12.95! Can't beat that, and even better, I now enjoy our bedroom and strive even harder to keep it clean and kid free:-)

After my bedroom makeover, I tackled the girls' playroom which I will post about later. I hope that you all have a great week and are inspired to do your own room redecorating!



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