Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gift Wrapping Ideas

So I was looking for new ways to wrap Christmas gifts this year and I stumbled upon the blog Bugs and Fishes by Lupin. They have the cutest idea on there for taking traditional gift wrapping to something cute and original. Here is the link, if you want to visit all of their ideas.

Isnt that the cutest thing! Imagine the possibilities for this! You could create all kinds of colors and themes with this idea. I was so excited to try it out myself, so I downloaded the letter template (that they so graciously provided) on their site, and set out to create the cutest gift wrapping ever! Well, after cutting out one name, I realized how time consuming this was going to be, so I decided to reserve this project for another time. Instead I used glitter pens to apply the names directly on the wrapping paper and it came out just perfect. Sorry I don't have pics, as the gifts have already left my home, but it was very easy and you can get glitter pens at any caft store for very reasonable. So I hope this post inspired you to make your gift wrapping original this year, and if not.....who cares! It's Christmas and everyone is going to rip open those gifts and be excited no matter how they are wrapped. I pray blessings for each and every one this season and I will be back ready to begin a new and exciting year after the holday festivities. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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