Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's been awhile!

Hello all, I know it has been awhile, but it has been a good thing since I have been so busy doing what I love to do...Design!

It seems to be the season for babies! I can't even count how many people I know right now that are prego or just had babies. I hope there is nothing in my water, because I am not going to drink it any time soon...lol! Anyways, if you know someone having a baby or perhaps you are having one, you definitely need a Stacey's Creations custom Diaper Cake! Check out some of our latest designs!

Diaper Cakes can be ordered in combination with Mini Cakes to completely DIY decorate your next shower.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm back!!

I'm back!! I know it's been forever, but that's been a good thing. It means that I am busy and that Stacey's Creations is doing great! I know I promised that I would share my school experience with you, so I will tell you a little about it. First, it was very hard being away from my family (two entire weeks!) but the girls barely noticed I was gone, and everyone was in good hands:-) Second, I was in Miami where the weather was absolutely beautiful (especially nice since I had only seen snow for weeks up until then!)

The school (The Event Decorating Academy) was absolutely wonderful and I learned so many things that I am now getting to put to good use. Most of the things we learned at the academy, I had already kind of dabbled in or knew how to do, but there were two categories that I loved and am looking forward to offering to the company. The first was learning about Balloon Decor. There are so many fun things you can do with balloons and they are not just for children. We learned how to use them for weddings, and other adult occasions. For more pics go to my site

My next favorite was Props and Theme Signage. Who new I was an artist? This was really fun to learn and to see how it can all come together with the right decor.

So now that I am back and hard at work, you will be seeing all sorts of stuff coming soon. Hope you have a great week!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog Idenity Crisis!

So I have been doing some thinking about the direction I would like this blog to go in, and I think I want it to be more "event focused". Since I aspire to be an event decorator, I believe that I will now post about my journey and all things events. While I truly enjoy many different types of crafts and creativity, I feel that for now I need to stick to my niche and just focus on that. That's not to say that I won't post about anything else when I get the urge, but for the most part this will now be a blog about parties, entertaining, recipes, and whatever else floats my boat:-)

I am off this weekend for a couple weeks to begin working on my certification in event decorating and I couldn't be more excited. I'm not thrilled to leave my husband and children, but I am over the moon that I am beginning to start working on my dreams and goals. I will try to share with you my experiences at school while I am away, but if not, you will certainly hear all about it when I return. Wish me luck!!!!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

Well today I turn the big 30! I have no ill feelings about it at all, in fact, I welcome it! It's a new decade to get my life in the right direction and also creates new motivation and drive to pursue my spiritual and career goals. I'm so thankful for having such a supportive husband, healthy and beautiful children, and wonderful family and friends, that I don't really need much else today. I thought I wanted a big party, but as time got closer, I realized that I have everything already:-)

With that being said, I am still an Event Decorator and LOVE a great party, so if I had to create my dream birthday bash, it might look a little like this!

I think I would start with a grand entrance like this and maybe add some pink tropical floating flower centerpieces (wow say that 5 times fast!) in the water as well.

My table settings would look something like this. I just love the bold color...the TV in the background...not so much.

But I LOVE the flowers going around the plates like this table setting by my hero Preston Bailey!

My buffet table may look something like this, only with food instead of just fruit.
I love candy buffets, so I would have a colorful attraction such as this.

I think I would show up on a pink carpet, getting out of a fab limo wearing this

Yes, everything would be bright and colorful and made just for me, but after the party is over, I would still be most thankful for all that God has already given me and for allowing me to see another birthday:-) Happy Birthday to ME!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Cupcake Bouquet

I thought I would share this little cupcake bouquet I made for my cousin's birthday this weekend. I used to make these all the time, but I find them hard to transport so I haven't made one in awhile.

I started with a terracotta pot, wrapping paper, a floral Styrofoam ball, flowers, and cupcakes.

I usually just wrap metallic foil paper around the pot and tape it down on the insides, but I wanted to use this birthday wrapping paper I had, so I decided to decoupage it on instead. So I got out my Mod Podge and attached the paper to the pot. Then I hot glued the Styrofoam ball on. While that was setting I prepared the cupcakes to look like flowers.
(Sorry, I don't have pics of this part....my camera died, and I also had two toddlers trying to steal all of the cupcakes!)

Now to assemble it, you just stick a toothpick into the Styrofoam (I find that a skewer broken in half works better for regular sized cupcakes, and toothpicks for mini cupcakes.) and attach the cupcake (it also works better if you use a toothpick to make a hole into the bottom of the cupcake first and then attach it.)

After you get all your cupcakes on, just fill in the holes with flowers, leaves, or you can use basket shred as well. You could also just spray paint the ball to what ever color you choose and let that show through.

There you have it...a fun and simple gift that your loved one is sure to enjoy!

I'm linking this to Kimba's DIY day

Monday, February 15, 2010

How to set a formal table

I have an event coming up that requires a formal table setting, and I suddenly realized that I had no idea how to formally set a table! I mean I know how to make it look pretty, but I hadn't a clue about the rules and the proper way to do things......so I did a search and my best friend Google found out the answer for me.

Image provided by www.ConceptsinBloom.blogspot.com

Another example Image by www.pacificpartycanopies.com/blog/

So all you do is alter the settings according to what items you will have at your event, and there you have it...a perfectly set table!


Monday, February 8, 2010

My Hero!

Well folks, it's a winter wonderland over in these parts of the country and I have been trapped in the house for longer than I would have liked to been. (I did however, get to venture out to Walmart today and it was a complete zoo in there......complete madness I tell you!) So with all of this free time on my hands one would think that I might have posted something.....anything.....but....I didn't. Instead I enjoyed time with my family and took some much needed time to relax. I also did some new work on the main site, worked on some custom orders, and gathered some ideas for upcoming events.

I know I do a lot of misc crafts on here, but my true passion is really Event Decorating and that is the direction that I am slowly moving my company to. I just LOVE to watch ideas and plans come together to create lasting memories for life's major events. So what does any of this have to do with heroes? (I know...I ramble way too much, so I will get to the point.) I know that most heroes are people like the President, or superheros, religious leaders and so forth...but mine happens to be the great Preston Bailey.

I absolutely (heart) Preston Bailey! I dream of the day when my designs will be even close to his. I have read almost all of his books and I constantly look to his photos for inspiration, so I thought I would share a few with you.

Arent they just breath taking??!!!! I wish I could post all of his works of art, but you can visit his site and see even more amazing creations at www.PrestonBailey.com. Who is your hero? What inspires you?


Monday, January 25, 2010

Dinning Room Chair Reupholstering

Guess what I did this weekend??? I finally reupholstered my dinning room chairs....well two of them anyways. I ran out of fabric, so I will finish this week. They were a lot easier than I thought, and even a novice could knock this project out in no time.

First my chairs looked like this...not bad, but not exciting, and you can't see all of the muted stains that grace the current covering.

So to start your project, you first want to take the seat off of the base of the chair

Then lay your fabric out right side down and lay it align with the pattern that you want to show on the seat. Next, get out your staple gun and pull the fabric over the front end of the seat. Pull tight and put in a few staples to secure.

Make sure you don't cover the holes like I did the first time. It's a pain to take out all of those staples. Learn from my mistake!

So after I got all the staples out, I then cut the fabric down, which I should have done in the first place, and then re stapled.Next do the back of the seat, followed by the sides. Be careful when doing the sides and check to make sure that your corners are neat and clean. (sorry, I didn't take pics after I cut the fabric down...probably because I was too frustrated from having to take out all of the staples.) Then here is what your seat should look like after your finished.

After you are satisfied then simply screw your seat back in place and now you have an (almost) brand new chair.

My dinning room chair remodel cost me about $20.00 ($9.98 a yard and I will use two yards to complete four chairs). Your project could be even cheaper if you use old curtains, or an old table cloth, or just some fabric that you happen to find on clearance.

I'll show you the finished room later whenever I get around to it;-)

Do you have any reupholstering projects you completed or plan to tackle? I'd love to see them!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Afordable, Creative, Easy Wall Art

Remember those blank walls in my girls' play room? Well this weekend, I finally had time to make some fun art to fill up those spaces!

This is a really easy and affordable way to liven up any blank space, and there are so many variations that you can use to make it your own. This was the inspiration for my project. I can't remember where I saw this at, so if you know, let me know so I can link to them:-)

What you will need:

Styrofoam boards (Mine were 12x36x 1 inch thick, but you can use the thicker ones if you chose)
utility knife, or just a sharp knife
cement glue
scrapbook paper
pictures or photos
coordinating ribbon (thick enough to cover the edges of your squares)
any extra accessories you want to use on your art

I began by cutting my Styrofoam boards into thirds. Three sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper fits perfectly onto one board, so you can use this as your guide for cutting equal squares.

Use your utility knife to mark a straight line, and then cut your Styrofoam down the line.

After you have your squares all cut out, you will need to glue your scrapbook paper to the Styrofoam squares. I used Elmers cement glue because it doesn't make the paper wrinkle when its applied.

Next you become the artist and glue on your photos, mementos, jewels, buttons, or whatever you want to use for your masterpiece. I just had some pics off the internet printed out of the girls' favorite cartoon characters and used them along with some accessories I had around the house.

After you are satisfied with your layout and everything is secured, then pull out your coordinating ribbon. Take your ribbon and cut a piece that will overlap all the way around your square. Wrap it around and use a pin to hold one end in place. Then overlap the other end and secure it with two pins (I forgot to take a picture of the overlapping part so make sure you so this). I pinned mine at the bottom, so it wasn't as noticeable.

Now all you have to do it hang it. There are a variety of ways that you could do this, but I found this way to be the easiest and most cost effective. I simply cut a piece of ribbon and attached it to the back of the square with two pins on each end. Then I just used a thumbtack in the wall and hung the ribbon over it. You could use nails and picture hooks, or something fancier, but this is just a play room, and I didn't care that much.

And there you have it....your own work of art! Like I said before, you can do so many variations of this. You could use fabric, or 12x12 photos instead of scrapbook paper, or hang them all together like my inspiration pic above.
I have one more project to complete in this room and then I will show you the final results.
If you decide to try this, let me know....I would love to see how yours turns out. I think I might be extending this project into other areas of my house now.

I am submitting this project to Kimba's DIY day at A Soft Place to Land. Go and visit her party and get great some great DIY ideas!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Decorating Dilemmas Party

Today I am participating in my first "Blog Party! Amanda@ Serenity Now has a great blog that I follow and she is throwing a Decorating Dilemmas Party. You can post about any room in your home that you might have a decorating dilemma about and fellow bloggers will give you advice about it!

So I think the room that I have put off the longest in my house is my half bath. It's a tiny little room in my basement that has loads of potential, but I just haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet. I tried to camouflage the hideous turquoise toilet and sink with these fun accessories, which did help a little but I'm over it now.

We plan to get a neutral colored toilet and sink in the near future, and I think I like the floral accessories, but besides that, the rest can go! The walls were once wallpapered and then painted over several times ( by a previous owner), so now any paint attempts just get absorbed in the mix and I am wayyyyyyyyy to lazy to try to take all of that down. I am NOT a fan of wallpaper, but in this case, I feel its the best solution and they do make some pretty patterns and textures these days. So I welcome the suggestions and maybe you all will inspire me to make this room into something purty!


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