Monday, January 11, 2010

Playroom Revamp

So I told you that I would post about my revamp of the girls' playroom, and then I realized that I didn't take any before pictures:-( So picture this room with a BUNCH of toys with no home or organization, as well as floral curtains that used to match the bedspread that once was on the bed that once was in this room, that once was the guest room..............did you get all that? So my mission was to organize and create a fun environment that the girls would never want to leave...or at least never want to leave when I need them to stay occupied;-) The blue carpet in this room is not as neutral as I would like it to be, but since new carpet was not in the budget, the next best thing was to work with it and create something that would make one forget about it. Sooooo with that in mind, I found these fabo curtains and matching rug at Walmart. I was so excited that the people around me were probably wondering why I had such a silly grin on my face staring at rugs and curtains. I could just picture the excitement on the girls face when they entered their new room.

So here are some pics with the newly added curtains and rug, as well as a new bookcase my hubby and I put up. Everything else was already there and just needed some organizing.

Now my next mission with this room is to do something with the blank walls, but I already have an idea up my sleeve for that which I will share with you later when I finish. I might be a little excited just thinking about it!



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