Monday, January 11, 2010

Decorating Dilemmas Party

Today I am participating in my first "Blog Party! Amanda@ Serenity Now has a great blog that I follow and she is throwing a Decorating Dilemmas Party. You can post about any room in your home that you might have a decorating dilemma about and fellow bloggers will give you advice about it!

So I think the room that I have put off the longest in my house is my half bath. It's a tiny little room in my basement that has loads of potential, but I just haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet. I tried to camouflage the hideous turquoise toilet and sink with these fun accessories, which did help a little but I'm over it now.

We plan to get a neutral colored toilet and sink in the near future, and I think I like the floral accessories, but besides that, the rest can go! The walls were once wallpapered and then painted over several times ( by a previous owner), so now any paint attempts just get absorbed in the mix and I am wayyyyyyyyy to lazy to try to take all of that down. I am NOT a fan of wallpaper, but in this case, I feel its the best solution and they do make some pretty patterns and textures these days. So I welcome the suggestions and maybe you all will inspire me to make this room into something purty!



Stacey@StaceysCreations said...

Just testing my comments...I was told that others couldn't leave comments, so I am trying to fix it:-( Sorry, I am new to blog land!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I'm glad you worked out the issue with the comments!

You might hate me, but I love your sink! After replacing the toilet, why not show off the turquoise of the sink (it is Pantone’s color of 2010 I would add some white wainscoting around the bottom half of the wall then paint the top a complementing shade of brown.

Nicole R.J. said...

Hopping over from the decorating dilemma party... and I think until you switch out your sink & toilet you could really rock them!

There are some fabulous wall papers available now... lots of big bold graphics. You could bead board the bottom of the room and wall paper the top in a sleek graphic like this maybe (in a different colour of course):

Then switch out the wood accesories for something metal, add a big ol' mirror and the turquoise might be more livable!

Stacey@StaceysCreations said...

Thanks so much to those who commented and those who emailed me. You all have inspired me to maybe just leave the turquoise and work around it. Nicole RJ I really love the idea of bead board....I hadn't even thought of that!

Heather @ McKinney Living said...

beadboard would be lovely! i think with some bright whites in the room, the turquoise can stick around! good luck!!

queenbee said...

Ok, I really do love both your sink and toilet, dont hate me. If this were my bathroom I would use the board and batten technique that Kimba talks about over at, its kind of like beadboard but I think a little more interesting. I would paint the top portion of the wall a nice brown, taupetone is a pretty brown thats not to dark. Take out the yellow accessories especially the toilet cover because it can actually date the room. Also instead of having your toilet holder on the wall how about buying one of those free standing ones from TJMaxx, Target etc for a few bucks. Replace the towel bar with two wall mounted hooks and on the beadboard and over by the sink replace that towel holder with an updated one as well.
I would use brushed nickel finishes for all of these. If you would like to camflauge the pipes under the sink get you some burlap and use velcro to adhere it around the sink kind of like a skirt. Throw down a brown and white patterened rug and your are done. Hope this helps. Good luck and keep me posted on your progress.

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Hey girl! I tried to comment yesterday and couldn't. I think this bathroom has major potential. I would not even worry about the turquoise. Chocolate and turquoise is hot right now! I would paint those walls Tobacco Road and then get some cute chocolate & turquoise towels and shower curtain. You can do so much with this!

alanna rose said...

I love how kitschy and retro the sink and toilet are! If they still work just fine, I say leave them for now :)

You could skirt the sink if you want to add any more storage space, but a nice basket placed underneath with extra hand towels rolled up and a few rolls of tp would add some softness and be functional.

I like the little mirror, but it's awfully little - a larger oval mirror might be a nice change (the toiet and sink are square, some round things might be nice). I would take down the towel bar and hang some art instead, then change the towel ring and tp holder out for some metal ones (Ikea has some for very cheap). Or, you could take the cute flower from the kleenex box and paint a really HUGE one on the wall next to the toilet...

I'm glad you could fix your comments :)

Melody :-) said...

Oh my goodness, keep that toilet and sink! Get you some precious Amy Butler fabric and make a skirt for the sink, and find a bigger mirror for over the sink -- maybe oval. I agree with another poster who suggested nickel finishes on towel holders, toilet paper roll holders, etc. I'd add in one more light pastel, but then ground it with a neutral (chocolate, taupe) so you don't create an Easter egg ;-) Good luck with your project, and I'd love to have you come visit me sometime @ my blog, Big Doll's Boomtown!

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