Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

Well today I turn the big 30! I have no ill feelings about it at all, in fact, I welcome it! It's a new decade to get my life in the right direction and also creates new motivation and drive to pursue my spiritual and career goals. I'm so thankful for having such a supportive husband, healthy and beautiful children, and wonderful family and friends, that I don't really need much else today. I thought I wanted a big party, but as time got closer, I realized that I have everything already:-)

With that being said, I am still an Event Decorator and LOVE a great party, so if I had to create my dream birthday bash, it might look a little like this!

I think I would start with a grand entrance like this and maybe add some pink tropical floating flower centerpieces (wow say that 5 times fast!) in the water as well.

My table settings would look something like this. I just love the bold color...the TV in the background...not so much.

But I LOVE the flowers going around the plates like this table setting by my hero Preston Bailey!

My buffet table may look something like this, only with food instead of just fruit.
I love candy buffets, so I would have a colorful attraction such as this.

I think I would show up on a pink carpet, getting out of a fab limo wearing this

Yes, everything would be bright and colorful and made just for me, but after the party is over, I would still be most thankful for all that God has already given me and for allowing me to see another birthday:-) Happy Birthday to ME!



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